Customizable Military Coins As Seen Through The Eyes Of Artists

Who says that military coins only exist for the military?

They’re almost as artistic as painted cameo brooches of the Victorian era. Not many know about these coins or how their simple images can inspire a whole unit. And the most wonderful thing about these coins is that majority of their design is unique to a specific unit. Another detail to consider is that these coins are quite customizable nowadays, giving artists and designers a chance to express themselves and help organizations identify themselves , even if the form of identification is a small but simple and commanding piece of crafted metal.

Since the beginning of time, military coins have been something of a tradition in the military where small coins or medallions bearing the insignia of the squadron are carried by members as both an ID and a morality booster. The coins are normally given by unit commanders in recognition of special achievements by a member of one unit. They are then expected to carry them on their person for the duration of their membership in the unit. They can be carried in many ways such as necklaces, pouches and in more practical uses such as keychains.

challenge coinsSometimes, these coins are collected by service men. Especially during organization visits, where the coins are handed out either as a welcome token or a sign of friendship. The reason why they are called challenge coins is due to their use in declaring a challenge. The challenge is declared when a coin holder slaps or places his coin on the table, declaring the intent. This is to ensure that members are carrying their coins as well as a means to show a source of morale among them.

Having a military coin shows not only the fact that you belong to a strong and loyal unit, but also the fact that you belong to a fellowship quite unlike any other. Think of it as a badge of honor or a reminder of the kind of person you ought to be.

So how do we, as artists here at, help organizations acquire a challenge coin fitted for them?

The coins are like class rings; they are customizable and tailor fitted for one specific group. These are not mass produced on a grand scale. But rather on a custom order basis, like tailored suits or statues or even paintings. And the best part of having a customizable challenge coin is that we get to help design the coin.

We follow these four simple steps and we get the perfect set of bespoke coins for our clients.

First we ask them to send the designs. Since these are unique coins, why not make it more unique by letting us work with your design? From paper sketches to digital designs to just simple words, a personal touch goes a very long way.

Challenge CoinSecond, we encourage them to choose the coin shape. Just because they are coins doesn’t mean they have to be round and small. These coins can be either shield shape, pentagon shape or even square shape. The possibilities are endless.

Third, we ask them to choose their desired metal. Military coins, whether they are hand painted, hand stamped or carved, are always made of metal, symbolizing the strength and fervor each member possesses when they join the unit.

And finally, we offer them the choice of adding coin options. Whether the clients want custom sizes or PVC pouches or even keychains, the choice is entirely up to them. They can opt to even add more detailing like braiding on the coin’s edge, serial numbers at the back and even painted color.

custom coins

Once they are completely sure about how they want the coins to look like, they send it to us for a free quote and visual design option. This is done so that, as designers, we are presenting them with at different design options based on their initial design as well as their corresponding price.

Once the design and pricing meets their approval, all they have to do is wait for the delivery of the finished military coins and then they can present the challenge coins to their members, ensuring both loyalty and strength. With customizable challenge coins, even if our clients are not part of the military, they will definitely feel the spirit of a loyal unit and the fellowship of a brotherhood no matter how far or near they may be. Let our customizable coins serve as your own personal morale booster.

Challenge coins 4 less are provide the challenge coins in different coin designs and colors according to your preference.