Fan Misters versus Air-Conditioning Systems

Have you ever noticed how hot it is during summer? From year to year, the temperature in our surroundings seems hotter. This is true in all parts of the world except maybe for the Polar Regions. We seem drifting to that hotter temperature the longer we stay here on Earth.

Sometimes, we feel that we can no longer do anything about it. That perception that keeps on running at the back of our minds is false. There are things we can do to relieve ourselves of the discomfort that the hot weather brings. Making valuable investments deem necessary.

Air-conditioners for the Hotter Days Ahead

The first thing that apparently comes to mind when you know that summer is fast approaching is to invest in an air-conditioning system. Air conditioners can bring you much comfort and they have been popular among many households for decades now. Available in different horsepower settings, you can choose one depending on the area you would want to use it for.

Ever Thought of Fan Misters?

Yes, you have a choice to invest in these cooling alternatives. They look like traditional fans in most cases but their mechanisms are entirely different from those of the mechanized fans we are all used to. Mechanized fans (or electric fans in many parts of the world) work by blowing air once they have been switched from an electrical outlet. Push the button according to the speed of air you want blown by the fan and voila! You get to comfort yourself at least.

Fan misters, on the other hand, work more than just blowing air. They come with high pressure pumps combined with a filtration system that function to pump out cold air with water droplets measuring up to 10 microns only. These very same droplets evaporate faster in the air thus making it easier to transfer cold temperatures. They are available in indoor and outdoor varieties.

Fan Misters Compared to Air-Conditioning Systems – Which is Better?

It is seen that both air-conditioning and fan misting systems offer much comfort and coolness whenever needed. However, the fan mister is seen to have a lot of other advantages that you may not experience when investing in air-conditioning systems.

Air-Conditioning SystemsFirst on the list is the fact that a fan mister requires lesser maintenance. All you have to do is learn the basic parts of the mister – the water pump and fan motor. Once you have familiarized yourself with these parts, you can simply follow the guide or manual that comes with your purchase of this system. You need not have a background on electronics repair to perform the job. This will also lessen the hassles of having to bring it to a repair shop.

Also, it can be noted that fan misters can be installed with much breeze. There is no need to measure the perimeter or area where you want it installed. You can even install it anywhere in your home without having much of a thought on how to do it.

Last but not the least – it is obvious that there is lesser expense when you choose to invest in a fan mister over an air-conditioner. The cost boils down from the time of purchase. You can save more when buying a fan mister since they are cheaper. Add to that, the expense you will spend on electric utility bills is way lower with the mister than the air-conditioner. Since a fan mister posts lesser consumption, you are sure that you are not hurting the environment.

Fan misters, are with no doubt, better investments compared to air-conditioners. They are easy to maintain plus they can be installed with no hassles at all. To top those, they are not as expensive as air-conditioning systems. With all these advantages, why not invest on them now?